Z10 Blackberry approx-ed to launch on Feb 24th priced at Rs 39000

newblackberry z102 300x210 Z10 Blackberry approx ed to launch on Feb 24th priced at Rs 39000January 30th announced the grand launch of Blackberry latest Z10 smartphone.  Z10 according to sources has proved to be a grand hit across UK and Canada and is planning a mega launch in the Asian markets especially in India and Indonesia. After a big hit in Canadian market the makers are looking forward to launch it at the earliest in Indian market as it’s the second largest market for BB globally.

As per the rumor the device is scheduled to launch by 24th Feb though officially the dates are not confirmed and will be priced at Rs.39, 000. This product has already created uproar in the international market and the launch date is highly anticipated out here.

According to the global pricing BB Z10 (without any contract) is priced at 480 pounds in United Kingdom and at UAE its priced at AED 2599 which rounds up to Rs,39000 approx in India. Blackberry spokesperson has cited that they are keen to launch this device at the earliest in the key markets but they are in no mood to hurry up the issue as every launch will have its own timeline helping to create a demand.

Product brush-up of Z10 Blackberry smartphone is as follows:

1)      It’s a full touch phone loaded with a 4.2-Inch LCD screen along with 1280×768 resolutions.

2)      It’s packed with BB’s latest 10 operating system and is acted by Dual-core processor which hits 1.5GHZ along with 2GB RAM.

3)      16GB is the additional internal storage available for Z10 smartphone.

4)      Camera Specs: 8 megapixel rear cameras which can capture 1080p videos and the front camera loaded with 2 megapixel.

5)      This smartphone is having an 1850 mAH battery.

This smartphone is expected to give a tough competition to the other top brands which includes Samsung and Nokia where Samsung S III is priced at 43,180 and Nokia Lumia 920 smartphone was launched at a price of Rs 38,199. Again Apple Iphone 5 (16 GB) was launched at a price of Rs45, 000 and HTC’s full-HD butterfly smartphone at 45,990.

As Blackberry launch’s is happening post the other already launched product gives them an edge as they can price their product much competitively for the price conscious market in India hence get a much higher market share.

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